Lock in Your Rate!

Are you in the market for a new home? Do you have a mortgage coming up for renewal in the upcoming year? Contact us today for more information about locking in your rate or securing an early renewal option.

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Mortgage Renewals

MMG Mortgages can hold interest rates prior to your maturity to get ahead of upcoming rate hikes. 

Keep in mind that you can break your term before the renewal date and often add penalties or costs onto your mortgage opposed to paying out of pocket expenses. Did you know that over 83% of Canadians make changes to their mortgages before their term is up for renewal? A large percentage of these clients are breaking their term, to simply roll their mortgage into a new lower rate or getting ahead of future increases.

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MMG Social Contract

At MMG Mortgages, our social contract speaks to our passion for what we do and how we deal with our business and our clients on a day to day basis. We live by these unwritten rules, and take pride in knowing our entire team lives and breathes honesty & integrity, which is the most important part of our business.

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Interest Savings

$30,000 worth of credit card debt on average equates to almost $500 per month on just interest... Use your homes equity to pay out these debts and your monthly interest payments drop to $50 per month!

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Draw Mortgages

Building a new home? MMG specializes in construction financing. Call us today for more information about our draw mortgage program!

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Cost of Mortgage Broker

What is the cost to use a mortgage broker? It's FREE! Let us work on your behalf to obtain the best rate and term for your new mortgage!

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Challenged Credit?

Challenged Credit? Let MMG steer you in the direction to home ownership?

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rate increase

Important: The Bank of Canada has increased prime rate by another .25%.
If you have a variable interest rate, your mortgage payments could be increasing. Contact MMG today for more information!

What does your credit score mean?

What does your credit score mean?  Your credit score is very important when applying for a mortgage.  Call us today and we can review and explain your score with you!

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