3.44% 7 Year Fixed Rate!

Lock in a 7 year rate today at an incredible low rate of 3.44%. That’s the same rate as the going 5 year fixed term. With a 7 year mortgage, you are only locked in for 5 years, but guaranteed the rate for 7 years. With the uncertain economy and rising interest rates there is no better time to re-evaluate your existing mortgage term, and consider options with a longer rate guarantee. Contact us today to lock in this rate!


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Another Happy MMG Client!

To our amazing clients Errol & Jun: Thank you so much for the fantastic review! We’re so happy we could assist with financing the build of your dream home!

Are you thinking of building a new home? MMG specializes in construction financing. Call us today for more information about our draw mortgage program!

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Cornerstone Homes at Artesia, Grand Opening!

MMG Mortgages invites you to enjoy some cocktails & canapés at the Grand Opening of the new Cornerstone Homes show home in the community of Artesia! You don't want to miss this beautifully appointed custom home!

Come enjoy happy hour with us at 22 Whispering Springs Way on Thursday, May 10, 5:00-7:00pm.


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Benefits of a chip mortgage

With the increased ageing population in Canada, alternative options are needed more than ever before to keep our loved ones in their homes or to ensure your quality of life stays intact. Are you or your grandparent or parents looking for similar options? With a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, you’ll be able to access up to 55% of the value in your home as tax free money. You’ll always maintain ownership of your home and the best part is there are no regular mortgage payments required until you decide to move or sell. Contact us today for more information for your own property or a loved one.

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Purchase Plus Improvements

Check out the before and BEAUTIFUL after shot from our clients that remodeled their kitchen with a Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage! Our super talented client and his lovely wife were the visionaries behind this transformation from start to finish - great job guys! Call us today to set up your improvement mortgage!

How to do a 'FLIP'!

Have a look at this amazing property that our clients just completed for resale! We helped these clients make their first flip property a reality and wow did they ever knock this one out of the park!  Not only did they update the style of this home, but they took it to the next level with a new kitchen layout and made this two bedroom unit a stunner! Contact MMG Mortgages today to find out how we can help finance your purchase, improvements and your new investment property flip!

Lock in Your Rate!

Are you in the market for a new home? Do you have a mortgage coming up for renewal in the upcoming year? Contact us today for more information about locking in your rate or securing an early renewal option.

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Mortgage Renewals

MMG Mortgages can hold interest rates prior to your maturity to get ahead of upcoming rate hikes. 

Keep in mind that you can break your term before the renewal date and often add penalties or costs onto your mortgage opposed to paying out of pocket expenses. Did you know that over 83% of Canadians make changes to their mortgages before their term is up for renewal? A large percentage of these clients are breaking their term, to simply roll their mortgage into a new lower rate or getting ahead of future increases.

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MMG Social Contract

At MMG Mortgages, our social contract speaks to our passion for what we do and how we deal with our business and our clients on a day to day basis. We live by these unwritten rules, and take pride in knowing our entire team lives and breathes honesty & integrity, which is the most important part of our business.

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Interest Savings

$30,000 worth of credit card debt on average equates to almost $500 per month on just interest... Use your homes equity to pay out these debts and your monthly interest payments drop to $50 per month!

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Draw Mortgages

Building a new home? MMG specializes in construction financing. Call us today for more information about our draw mortgage program!

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Cost of Mortgage Broker

What is the cost to use a mortgage broker? It's FREE! Let us work on your behalf to obtain the best rate and term for your new mortgage!

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Challenged Credit?

Challenged Credit? Let MMG steer you in the direction to home ownership?

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rate increase

Important: The Bank of Canada has increased prime rate by another .25%.
If you have a variable interest rate, your mortgage payments could be increasing. Contact MMG today for more information!