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Is the Mortgage Stress Test effecting your qualifying?

We have amazing news!
MMG is Excited to announce that we can now qualify your conventional mortgages with your 'actual contract mortgage rate'

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We Love Our Clients & Partners!

We love our clients and our partners! What’s better then a good business book and some much needed patio vino!! 📚🍷 Thanks so much to our clients Sara and Steve for the generous gift, and to First National Financial for the good read.




Experienced Mortgage Agent (Calgary)

MMG Mortgages

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

If you’re at a cross roads with your mortgage business with either too much volume to effectively support your clients OR not getting enough support from your team or broker for your business, MMG Mortgages can help with our competitive UNDERWRITING MODEL.

Who We Are:

MMG Mortgages is a team of professional, knowledgeable and well respected mortgage brokers within the province of Alberta. We are seeking strong individuals to join our established and growing firm to work cohesively in a positive and fun environment with our existing mortgage underwriters, office staff and brokers. We provide office space, a collaborative work environment, competitive options, underwriting, administration and marketing support, and more!

MMG Mortgages offers a complete Underwriting Model. Here’s what MMG’s underwriting team provides:

•                     Taking a new mortgage file from early qualification stages, to firm approval and then seeing the file through to funding

•                     Customer service focused and the ability to work between the mortgage broker, the lender and the client when necessary.

•                     Completing of all conditions with our internal mortgage brokers and external partners/lenders in short order

•                     Tracking of committed and funded business along with pipeline management and funding ratios with our lending partners

•                     Communication with our partners on a daily basis and maintaining positive working relationships.

•                     Respectful communication with our external partners, including home appraisers, lawyers, real estate agents and home builders.

•                     Constantly informed and educated of all ongoing lending and industry guideline policy changes, RECA requirements, OFSI regulations, KYC and AML policies.

•                     Monitoring effective quality control and quality assurance in all applications received and committed.

Please apply through info@mmgmortgages.ca

First Time Home Buyers Incentive Program

Are you or someone you know a First Time Buyer looking to get into the market?

Here are the latest Government changes on the program:

Minimum Down Payment Requirement

5% of the first $500,000 of the lending value and 10% of the remainder of the lending value, from traditional sources of down payment.

Maximum Down Payment Requirement

For a 10% Incentive, the maximum down payment is 9.99%. For a 5% Incentive, the maximum down payment is 14.99%.

Existing Property Example:

Price    $560,000

Down Payment    $31,000 / 5.55% (25k  first $500k and 6k on remaining balance)

Shared Equity Mortgage $30,000 / 5%

Link to First Time Home Buyer Incentive:


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Boost Your Retirement Savings with Interest Only Mortgages!

Borrowers can buy a home or refinance into this mortgage and pay just interest. Unless you make pre-payments, the balance never changes. Which means you owe the same amount on the house as you did before.

Step 1: Get a low-cost, interest-only mortgage to slash your monthly payments.

Step 2: Invest that payment savings in your RRSP.

Step 3: Use the tax refunds resulting from these RRSP contributions to make a prepayment on your mortgage each year.

Your Next Big Move!

NextBigMoveCalgary real estate team has helped thousands of Calgary and surrounding area buyers and sellers. They have access to all the new listings updated every 5 minutes for sale in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, High River and Okotoks. Their fast search portal is easy to navigate, save properties and view properties in different neighborhoods with our easy to use interactive map search. They also have Calgary information about relocation to the area plus activities to do while you are visiting our city or living here.

Steve Williamson

“As your Trusted adviser and Team Leader with NextBigMoveCalgary Real Estate Team and member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™, my goal is to ensure that you have the best real estate experience possible.

Whether you are looking to sell your current home, or purchase a home locally or around the world, I have the resources and expert knowledge to make sure that you get the best service and the best possible price for exactly what it is you are looking for.

I have received the best training and technological support in the industry to make sure that I can deliver high quality service using the best tools possible. I am 100% committed to my Clients and am honoured to be able to help them with their most important asset- their home.”

Click here to start searching for your next home!

Game Changer: We can now finance re-mediated grow ops!

Big game changer on the mortgage front!

Did you know we can now finance re-mediated grow ops!

  • As little as 5% down

  • Fully disclosed on listing

  • May require health certificate of remediation

Some conditions may app with the property.

Call us today for more information!

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Come Say Hi!

New To Canada Tradeshow!

Join us this Saturday, April 27th, between 10am and 4pm.

Stop by our booth and say hi!


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2019 Alberta Convention

We’re Banff Bound!

MMG Brokers are always up for any excuse to learn and grow in the industry!

We are thrilled to be attending the mortgage brokers event of the year!! With an amazing lineup of speakers, educational sessions, and more – The 2019 Alberta Convention at the gorgeous Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is where we want to be! ‪June 2-4, 2019‬. Are you attending the conference?

#abcBanff #myAMBA #myMPC #YouBelongInBanff #strongertogether

New to Canada Expo 2019
New to Canada.png

New to Canada?

Are you or someone you know New to Canada and looking to buy a home? Visit us at the New to Canada expo for all of your mortgage and qualifying needs!

Join us on April 27th between 10am and 4pm

Stop by our booth and say hi!!


MMG Social Contract Final -png.png

MMG Mortgages:

Social Contract

A social contract is an implicit agreement among the members of a society to cooperate for social benefits, for example by sacrificing some individual freedom for state protection. In both moral and political philosophy, the social contract or political contract is a theory or model, originating during the Age of Enlightenment.

At MMG Mortgages, our social contract speaks to our passion for what we do and how we deal with our business and our clients on a day to day basis. We live by these unwritten rules, and take pride in knowing our entire team lives and breathes honesty & integrity, which is the most important part of our business.

2019 FB FTHB Incentive Plan (1).png

First Time Home Buyers Incentive Plan

The 2019 Federal Budget meeting was concluded on March 19th with the below notable changes to be made to Canadian mortgaging by Fall of 2019. Our brokerage is optimistic by these changes but disappointed in the low impact this will have of overall buyers in our Canadian market. There is also an associated risk with the future repayment of the incentive and something that we are eager to learn more about in the upcoming days and months.

The new CMHC First-Time Home Buyers Incentive Plan represents a shared equity mortgage program that would give eligible first-time home buyers the ability to lower their borrowing costs via equity sharing with CMHC of up to 5% of the purchase price of an existing home, or 10% of a new build. No repayment required monthly. The buyer would repay the incentive, for example at resale.

Only eligible for households earning $120,000 annual income or less. Max eligibility lets them borrow no more than four times the annual household income.

Further noted is an additional increase in the eligible RRSP withdrawal amount through the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP). Previously $25,000, this has been increased to a maximum to $35,000.

Please contact MMG Mortgages for further information and get our take on the upcoming changes.

Concerned about rising rates?

Worried about the rising interest rates and what they will do your mortgage payments?

Here are some examples of what a 1% rate increase could do at your renewal date or to your adjustable rate payments.

Contact us today to inquire about your options and protect your investment!

1% Rate Increase.png
Rate Special!

Concerned about rate increases?

Ask us about this great 7 year fixed rate!

*Limited time promo.

*Easy exit strategies after the first 5 years.

Contact us today for more information!

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Property Flip Mortgages

MMG Mortgages specializes in financing residential property flips and renovation projects for first time investors and full time real estate investor professionals. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist you in making educated and profitable real estate investment decisions.

The Property Flip Mortgage allows up to 80% of the after-renovated value, which means you can put as little as $10,000 down, and keep the rest of your capital to renovate and resell or refinance the property. We conduct our own same-day no-fee valuation to allow you to take advantage of quick closings.

• The mortgage is fully open, without prepayment penalties.
• The interest rate is 15.5% with monthly interest only payments.
• Our lender will lend in 1st or 2nd position with the same terms.
• Our lender will use your own lawyers to limit the legal costs.
• Start to finish, our lenders can fund within 48 hours with limited documents required.

This product also works great for interim/bridge financing, renovations, or to solve other short-term problems before you sell or you refinance into a new first mortgage.

MMG Mktg - Property Flip Mortgage.png
Welcome to the team, Scott!

We are thrilled to welcome Scott Thomson to the MMG Mortgages team!

With close to a decade in the mortgage business, Scott has mastered the ability to stay on top of an ever-evolving industry. Scott has become a leader both in the mortgage arena and in his community. We are so excited to watch him grow with MMG and to work together with all of his amazing creative energy.

Welcome to the team, Scott!

First Time Home Buyer? Tips for Your Purchase!

• Are you withdrawing funds from your RRSP or retirement account for your down payment?

You are classified as a first time buyer if you have not owned a property in your name over the past 5 years. If this is you and you have a retirement account that you want to withdrawal from, the maximum amount is $25,000.00 per person, tax free (or $50k per couple). Don’t over withdrawal, or it will result in expensive taxes and fees.

• Not all mortgages are created equal. It’s not just about the rate.

Every mortgage has features and perks tied to it such as pre-payment ability, portability, transferability and possible payment holidays. Make sure to always ask your mortgage professional if you have these features available and beware of “restricted mortgages”.

• Always get a second opinion.

In this day and age, it is tougher to get approved for what you ideally want. Just like mortgages, not every bank is created equal. Every bank has their own internal guidelines. Some lenders are more lenient then others with reviewing your application. A broker can help you navigate which bank will approve you for the best rate, product and the highest approval amount. There is no charge to use a broker so don’t pigeon hole yourself in only visiting one bank and having one option.

• Always get pre-approved!

When your mortgage professional provides you with the maximum qualification amount for your new home, did they review your credit, your income documents and your down payment details? Beware of the quick 60 second online mortgage approvals. They are not accurate and could set you up for failure.

• Further to the above, be sure to ask if this approval amount is for the purchase of a single family home, condo or town home.

If you intend to purchase a property with condo fees, these amounts need to be included in your monthly debt and this will reduce the maximum approval amount.

• Don’t over-borrow and always do your research of what your total closing costs will be.

Aside from the down payment, there are also legal fees, home inspection costs, possible condo document review fees and potential land title transfer fees (province dependent).

First Time Home Buyer Tips.png
Happy Birthday Deane!

Happy birthday to this South African beauty! Not only is Deane a kick ass mortgage broker, he is also the guy that always makes you smile when he walks in a room. We are so very lucky that Deane is part of the MMG family and we are wishing him a very happy birthday and year to come!

Did You Know?

Did you know at MMG we have a full TEAM working on your file? True story! Our full time underwriters and office operations crew make sure all of our transactions get the priority attention they need! We’ve got an amazing model for tackling the complex transactions that today’s market is creating. Connect with us!

Happy Birthday Jacki!!

Happy Birthday Jacki!

We looked for famous quotations, thought of phrases, we even tried to compose some verses, but Couldn’t find anything suitable to describe such an incredible person. You are one hell of a mortgage broker, mentor to others, your sensible and smart, Fun and Loving. And aside from all of your vast business accomplishments you are The best Mom and The best friend to everyone. Be proud of your age: this year you are wiser, smarter and closer to senior discounts. Yesssss!

Happy birthday from your MMG Mortgages Family!