Property Flip Mortgages

MMG Mortgages specializes in financing residential property flips and renovation projects for first time investors and full time real estate investor professionals. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist you in making educated and profitable real estate investment decisions.

The Property Flip Mortgage allows up to 80% of the after-renovated value, which means you can put as little as $10,000 down, and keep the rest of your capital to renovate and resell or refinance the property. We conduct our own same-day no-fee valuation to allow you to take advantage of quick closings.

• The mortgage is fully open, without prepayment penalties.
• The interest rate is 15.5% with monthly interest only payments.
• Our lender will lend in 1st or 2nd position with the same terms.
• Our lender will use your own lawyers to limit the legal costs.
• Start to finish, our lenders can fund within 48 hours with limited documents required.

This product also works great for interim/bridge financing, renovations, or to solve other short-term problems before you sell or you refinance into a new first mortgage.

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